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Jose has more than 15 years in the streaming and radio broadcast industry and he will help you start your podcast journey today! The easiest way is to buy his eBook 'Start Podcasting' The Secrets Of A Radio Broadcast Engineer available on Amazon but the best way to answer all of your podcast questions is to subscribe to his YouTube Channel. 


Jose has some useful videos to help you start your podcast and he also does a Livestream answering any podcasting questions you might have. So go get his eBook for only $2.99 or subscribe to his channel. 

Jose has two great-sounding podcasts that he produces from his home recording studio and he will teach you all the secrets he knows on how to make your own podcast sound the best, don't believe us? Go check out his Dad Without A Dad podcast produced from his one-bedroom apartment and you be the judge and let us know. 

If you want Jose to create a detailed and well-producded podcast for you or your company don't hesitate to contact him.

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