Welcome to my fun and creative world! According to the IRS, I'm an Actor, Voice Over Actor, Sound Engineer, Video Producer, Podcaster and a Writer, but all I want to do is provide a better future for my son. 


One of the best moments of my life besides becoming a dad was when I became a citizen of the great United States Of America. Becoming a dad changed my life for the best and I'm currently focused on creating content that will put a smile on your face and at the same time provide a better future for my son.



I have been part of two of the most successful radio shows in history, traveled across the USA with Nissan as an emcee for Pride, produced content for The LA Kings, written a best selling book, built a home studio where I produce my podcasts, produce video content for my YouTube channel and started my small digital business out of my living room.

After my son was born I decided to do something that will make me happy and maybe inspire people to see that if this Guatemalan was able to do it son can anyone.


Whether it is starting in a commercial, producing a podcast, producing a video, writing a book or just creating a stunning website for your business I do it for two reasons, to express my creativity and provide a better future for my son.

So be part of our family of clients and affiliates and let us create amazing content for you and your brand!

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